The Hub Payment Model

Rescripting “Value”

Just like every other feature of the HUB, our payment plan is part of a bigger promise; it is a demonstration that you have just entered a much bigger conversation about change. We live in an age of disruption. In the Hub we refuse traditional business models and take inspiration from a larger cultural movement that is taking place out there, right now.

I am inviting you to join me in a larger mission, and that mission starts with the question, does it work? By does it work, we mean does it work for everybody? When we asked this question in regards to wealth the answer was a resounding no. Traditional money practices are produced through, and reproduce, hierarchies, exclusion, privilege, persuasion, and convincing. To be flexible, to listen, to be inclusive, to respect the individual regardless of their monetary worth or contribution, that is a revolution in and of itself: a quiet, calm rebellion. And to achieve this we need your help.
And so we offer a unique payment plan. The Hub functions on the basis that everyone pays within their means rather than paying a fixed cost. This is not a common model. Any businessperson will tell you an organization’s motivation, the core purpose of business, is to profit. And so you may find this model foreign, you may have objections to it, in fact we expect them.
We also recognize that this does not come without risk. If no one pays these teachings die and with it the capacity to make the changes that the Pattern Maker philosophy offers.

And so we accept that this might be a huge failure. It relies on the collective to do their part. It only works if the participants behave equitably. But we feel the reward is well worth the risk. If this excites you too, then here’s how it works:


  • You should not pay unless you get value. Therefore, you pay at the end of the month, not at the beginning of the month.
  • If you get value, you should pay.
  • The amount you pay should be aligned with your means. If you have it, you should pay more, if you don’t, you should pay less. Therefore there are suggested payment amounts in a drop down menu so you don’t have to guess, but a custom amount button is there for those who need it.

A lot of thought went into designing this business model, and we feel it’s important to makes our reasoning and practices clear. You can read our official statement on our Equitable Payment Model by clicking below: