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Access to all materials, products, & merchandise offered by The Pattern Maker Hub.
Participation in the Hub earns you points that can be redeemed in store.
Redeem points in store against the price of items for discounted price.
Collect enough points and get items entirely for free. No caps!
Gain access to tons of valuable intellectual property and venture assist packages.

The Pattern Maker Hub Loyalty Program is our way of giving back to our valued members.
Participation in the Hub through things like completing discovery sessions or interacting in the forum earns you points.
These points can be redeemed in the Pattern Maker Store on all goods and services offered there.
Essentially, with enough points, you can get everything in the store for free.

In the Pattern Maker Store you can find every product the Hub offers including Adele’s published books, interactive activities and workbooks, journals, audio books, fun merchandise, as well as coaching packages, marketing packages, web design packages and more.

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