Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Pattern Maker Hub’s Affiliate Agreement
Last Updated on October 27, 2020

Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate for the Pattern Maker Hub. As an affiliate you have the opportunity to earn additional money for Pattern Maker Hub products, services, and membership accounts purchased by your referrals. Affiliate commission is further discussed herein.

This Affiliate Agreement (“Agreement”) governs your application for, and any subsequent participation in, The Pattern Maker Hub Affiliate program. By clicking “I Accept the Terms and Conditions” and submit, you thereby accept the terms of this Agreement, you indicate that you have read and understood this Agreement, and agree that you are bound by its terms.

SECTION 1 – PARTIES All references to “Pattern Maker Hub”  herein means and refers to Shaped Within Ltd, doing business as Pattern Maker Hub. All references to “You” and “Your” mean and refer to the person or entity who has executed this Agreement. Pattern Maker Hub and You are each referred to herein as a “Party,” and collectively as the “Parties.”

SECTION 2 – APPLICATION You agree to provide all information requested by Pattern Maker Hub in connection with Your Affiliate application, and You affirm that all information that You provide is truthful and accurate. You understand and agree that Pattern Maker Hub retains sole and exclusive discretion to determine whether You qualify for participation in Pattern Maker Hub’s Affiliate program. Not everyone who applies for the Pattern Maker Hub’s Affiliate program will qualify to participate.

SECTION 3 – CONSENT TO BE CONTACTED You expressly consent to be contacted at the email address and the phone number You provide in Your application about Your application and the Affiliate program, including through automated dialing systems, texts and artificial or pre-recorded messages. This consent is a material condition of this Agreement and may not be revoked except in writing by both Parties.

SECTION 4 – COMPENSATION If Your application to become an Affiliate is approved by Pattern Maker Hub, You will receive a unique Affiliate ID. The Affiliate ID will be incorporated within each URL which You will use to advertise the Pattern Maker Hub. You will have the opportunity to receive a commission for each sale (“Sale”) that is registered using Your Affiliate ID.

In the event that a prospect (“Prospect”) has multiple Affiliate cookies (“Cookies”), the initial cookie will remain in effect for ninety (90) days, after which the most recently-acquired Cookie will determine which Affiliate is credited with a Sale. There are some products and services sold that do not have trial periods.

Provided that the Sold Account (as defined below) remains in good status within thirty (30) days from the Sale, You will be paid a commission for each Sold Account that generates a payment to Pattern Maker Hub in a month (“Commission”). Except as otherwise provided herein, Commission payments will be paid on the 1st of each month following ClickFunnels’ receipt of payment for a Sold Account, subject to the other terms of this Agreement. In the event the 1st of each month falls on a holiday, Commission payments will be paid on the business day preceding the holiday. All Commission payments are based on the amount of fees received by the Pattern Maker Hub, less sales taxes.

The amount of Commissions are as follows:

20% Commission on all sales of Pattern Maker Hub goods and services, including Pattern Maker Hub membership fees, Adele Spraggon private coaching packages, and all Pattern Maker Hub goods and services available in the Pattern Maker Hub Store. Commission will not be paid on any sales that relate to the Pattern Maker Hub Partner Program.

All Commissions are paid in Canadian Dollars. Some payment methods may incur processing fees that may be deducted from Your Commissions payment.

You are solely responsible for complying with all tax laws in Your respective jurisdiction(s) including, but not limited to, the payment of all required taxes, and filing of all returns and other required documents with, the applicable governing body(ies).

Affiliates will not be paid any Commissions for payments made on Affiliate’s own user account(s). Affiliates are not permitted to open a Pattern Maker Hub account under the name of another person or entity, under a fictitious name, or under any name merely for the purpose of obtaining Commissions or any other compensation. Affiliates may not pay for another person’s or entity’s account. Affiliates are not permitted to offer cash rebates or other monetary incentives to obtain Sales.

Commissions are paid only for transactions that actually occur between Pattern Maker Hub and a Sale and in which payment is received by Shaped Within Ltd. If payment for a sale later results in a refund or chargeback, and if a Commission was paid to You for that Sold Account, then the Commission amount will be deducted from Your future Commissions.

If Pattern Maker Hub determines, in its sole and exclusive discretion, that any Sale was procured fraudulently or as a result of any violation of this Agreement or applicable law, no Commission will be paid for such Sale and, for past sales, such payment amounts shall be deducted from Your future Commissions, and Pattern Maker Hub may terminate this Agreement immediately without Pattern Maker Hub having any liability to You.